how to unlock robot goat

If you’re wondering how to unlock Robot Goat in Goat Simulator, it’s easy if you know where to find the parts. This mutator turns a regular goat into a robot, which rolls around like a ball and flies less when hit by explosions. To unlock the Robot Goat, locate the parts in the open shipping container held by a crane. You can find the crane in the GoatVille area.

how to unlock robot goat

Once you’ve collected a few of these trophies, you’ll be able to use the Robot Goat in the game. To do this, you’ll need to unlock the robot’s ability to lick things, as well as place it in the pentacle. To obtain this reward, you will need to get the Trying To Bring Forth Sanctum 3 achievement. The Space Goat can also be unlocked by collecting all 30 trophies.

To find a robot goat, visit GoatVille’s crane, and enter the pentagram. After this, you’ll find a large amount of coins. Jump into the pool to get the mutator. When you’re inside, break crates and use the cameras to turn and move the robot goat around. To find Slender Goat, go to the graveyard. You can find the slender goat there as well.

You can also get the Angel Goat by defeating the remaining sheep in the Fighting Arena. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to find two Sanctum Statues, located in the Brown House and Spiral Tower near the spawning location. Once you’ve obtained the Statues, you’ll be able to take the Robot to the Pentagram Circle in the forest.

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Goat Simulator is a silly game that puts the player in control of a goat roaming the city. The game’s premise is to be silly, nonsensical, and confusing at times. The format of the game is atypical, and this makes the gameplay somewhat challenging. You have to spend some time collecting trophies in Goat City Bay to get a special goat. However, the Jet Pack goat is far less useful than a regular one, and it’s largely for entertainment value.

To unlock Hitchhiker Goat, you need to visit a building in Goat City Bay. The skyscraper’s balcony is an ideal location for this. It’s also a good place to find a towel that features the number 42. You can also unlock the Tornado Goat by bringing the Wind Statue to a wind altar. You’ll need 3000 points to balance your goat while jumping. Just remember to press the space bar to land safely.

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