can horses eat sprouts

If you’ve ever wondered if your horse can eat sprouts, you’re not alone. Many people are curious about the nutritional value of this plant. For starters, sprouts are loaded with fiber and antioxidants, which are good for the digestive tract. Plus, sprouts are packed with vitamins and minerals that help support a horse’s immune system … Read more

can horses eat turnip greens

There are a few concerns with turning to turnip greens for your horse’s diet. They are high in sugar and may leave your horse feeling full, which can cause digestive distress. Besides, turnips can be poisonous to horses. That is why you should give your horse turnip greens in limited amounts. In addition, you should … Read more

can horses eat wheat hay

Can horses eat wheat hay? This is a common question and a great way to start a horse-friendly diet. Wheat hay contains vitamins and minerals and is a popular source of fibre for cattle. It’s also highly palatable for horses. For growing horses, a small amount of wheat hay per day is fine. Choose wheat … Read more

can horses eat oregano

Can horses eat oregano? Yes, they can! It is an herb that is used by humans for thousands of years. The oil from oregano has antiseptic, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties, and is generally safe to feed horses. However, oregano should be stored in a cool, dry place where it cannot be accessed by children. It … Read more

can horses eat orange peels

Unlike people, horses can safely eat orange peels. However, you should cut up the orange peel into small pieces before feeding it to your horse. You don’t want to give your horse an entire orange because it is difficult for him to swallow and might even choke on it. A few pieces of orange peel … Read more

can horses eat lettuce leaves

The question, “Can horses eat lettuce leaves?” may have prompted you to research the vegetable before putting it on your horse’s plate. Lettuce leaves may not be poisonous, but they do provide empty calories. Since lettuce is mostly water, your horse will not receive any vitamins or minerals. Nevertheless, you can give your horse a … Read more

can horses eat vanilla icecream

If you’re wondering whether your horse can eat vanilla ice cream, it’s important to understand what’s in it. A horse may seem to enjoy the sweet treat, but ice cream is void of real nutrition. It contains lactose, a type of sugar that horses can’t break down. Luckily, many breeds have no problem digesting plain … Read more

can horses eat spinach

When it comes to vegetables, can horses eat spinach? Despite its mild taste, spinach is not for every horse. In fact, some varieties of spinach can be toxic to equines. In addition, Japanese yew and sakura are known to cause serious digestive problems in horses. Always wash all ingredients thoroughly before feeding them to your … Read more

can horses eat strawberries

If you’re wondering, can horses eat strawberries, you’re not alone. This berry is packed with sugar, so it can be dangerous for your horse to eat whole. However, if you’re feeding smaller horses, you can slice up strawberries and serve them to them in small amounts. Strawberry-fueled horses can also have digestive problems and insulin … Read more

can horses eat peaches

Can horses eat peaches? Yes, they can! Peaches are a wonderful fruit, but you must be careful when feeding them. Peaches contain the toxin amygdalin, which is deadly to equines. You must limit their consumption to a couple of peaches per day, and never feed them more than that. Peaches can cause digestive problems, so … Read more