what is the difference between ducks and geese

Although ducks and geese are related, they are very different birds. Geese are migratory birds and ducks spend most of their time in water, while ducks prefer land. Ducks have a shorter life span and are often smaller. In addition, ducklings don’t reach the age of a year because of predators. Geese are also aggressive, … Read more

how to bait wood ducks

If you have ever wondered how to bait wood ducks, then you have come to the right place. This article will give you tips and tricks on how to bait these birds. You can start by identifying where they are most likely to feed. Wood ducks prefer areas with thick cover and ample food, which … Read more

how many feet do ducks have

If you have ever wondered how many feet do ducks have, you’ve come to the right place. Ducks have four toes – three in front and one in the back. These toes are connected to the rest of their bodies by webs. These webs help ducks paddle through water and swim by transferring heat from … Read more

when do ducks fly south

In the fall, thousands of waterfowl will be traveling through Mississippi. They will follow the Mississippi Flyway, coming from the upper Midwest and southern Canada. As the weather cools and food sources become scarce, these birds move southward. To be safe and secure, ducks must fly south during migration. Here are some facts about this … Read more

what are puddle ducks

Puddle ducks are typically found in flooded fields, timber, cattle ponds, and river systems. They are a diverse group with distinct species found in all four flyways across North America. Although primarily freshwater creatures, puddle ducks are also capable of walking on land and feed on vegetable and grain products. Their calls are gravelly and … Read more

what colors do ducks see

What colors do ducks see? While we humans only have two types of photoreceptors, ducks have four types, including the ultraviolet spectrum. Because of their high density of rods, they are able to see in low-light conditions. As a result, they may be able to distinguish more colors than humans. And, unlike humans, ducks’ retinas … Read more

where do ducks go when it rains

You’ve probably heard about the rainy season and wondered where do ducks go when it rains. It’s a natural phenomenon – ducks prefer rain to pond water. While they can fly quite well, they don’t like heavy rains or windy days. Rather, they seek out shelter in sheltered areas, where they can feed, groom, and … Read more

where do ducks roost

Do you ever wonder where do ducks roost? Ducks do not roost on the ground like chickens do. They prefer softer materials on the floor, which makes them less likely to use nesting boxes. But you still have to provide them with shelter at night. Here are some tips to make your duck’s roost a … Read more

where do ducks migrate

You may be wondering, where do ducks migrate? This article will tell you all about these birds and what they do while they are on the move. If you have ever wondered where do ducks migrate, you’ll know how beautiful they are. Regardless of the season, you can visit a local zoo to see these … Read more

why do ducks eat mud

If you’ve ever wondered why do ducks eat mud, this article is for you! Ducks, like most animals, will sift through mud, focusing on bugs and other plant matter, as this provides a rich source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Most often, these bugs are mud wasps or dirt daubers, which are easy prey for … Read more