can horses eat fresh cutgrass

If you’ve ever wondered, “Can horses eat fresh cutgrass?” then you’ve probably experienced the gastrointestinal discomfort that results. When your horse eats clippings, the starch/sugar in the grass begins to ferment, which increases the risk of colic. Eventually, the grass may cause laminisis or develop a potentially deadly condition called botulism. Whether your horse is … Read more

can horses eat red clovers

If you’ve ever wondered, “Can horses eat red clovers?” you’re not alone. This perennial plant contains many health benefits, including a reduction in appetite, but it’s also dangerous for your horse’s liver. Moreover, it can cause obesity, colic, and dehydration. As such, you need to be very careful when feeding red clover to your horse. … Read more

can horses eat kudzu

Can horses eat kudzu? The answer to this question depends on the species of kudzu being fed. It is a vine, not a grass, so it smothers other plants. In the South, goats grazed kudzu. This substandard food source is an excellent way to control the spread of the plant. However, kudzu can be toxic … Read more

can horses eat vegetable peelings

Some horse owners wonder whether their horses can eat vegetable peelings. While peelings from vegetables are safe for horses, they shouldn’t be the only part of your horse’s diet. You should also supplement peelings with other healthy treats for your horse, like carrots or oranges. Vegetable peelings are not the main source of nutrition for … Read more

can horses eat noodles

Can horses eat pasta and noodles? The answer to this question depends on what type of noodles you’re feeding them. Pasta is high in protein and vitamin A, but it can also pose a choking risk for horses. To prevent this problem, prepare pasta ahead of time by boiling it thoroughly in clean water and … Read more

can horses eat deer corn

You may wonder, “Can horses eat deer corn?” This is a common question, and it is important to know the answer before attempting to feed deer corn to your horse. In general, horses can safely eat corn, but they should only eat deer corn in small amounts. In addition to being a poor choice for … Read more

can horses eat kikuyu grass

Can horses eat kikuyu grass? The answer to this question will vary depending on the species of horse you have. Although it is considered a bone-degenerating herb, this grass is a highly nutritious source of energy and protein for horses. It also contains very little sugar, making it a healthy addition to the horse’s diet. … Read more

can horses eat zelda

Many newcomers to the Zelda series wonder: can horses eat Zelda? This is an interesting question, as apples are one of the few safe foods for horses. As with other fruits and vegetables, apples can be a healthy choice for your horse’s diet, providing the right amount of nutrients. But how do you know if … Read more

can horses eat meats

You may have wondered if horses can eat meats, and you may have even given in to their temptation. Horses have been known to eat bones and antlers, and some scientists believe this behavior is related to calcium intake. However, some people will point to pica, which is the act of eating things with little … Read more

can horses eat oak leaves

A common question about horses is, “Can they eat oak leaves?” There are several factors to consider when deciding whether they can safely consume this forage. While eating a few acorns will not result in poisoning, an entire oak tree is a much bigger problem. For this reason, it’s important to know what the risks … Read more