Can O Snails

Can o snails is a type of pet food that is made up of dried and processed snail meat. It is high in protein and low in fat making it a healthy option for your pet. Can o snails can be found in most pet stores and many online retailers sell them as well.

How long does a snail live?

Answer: 2 to 5 years

How much sleep does a snail need?

Answer: About 3 hours a day

What does a snail eat?

Answer: They are herbivores and eat mostly plants

What is the record length of a snail?

Answer: The longest snail on record was 11 inches

How many teeth does a snail have?

Answer: A snail has about 20000 teeth

Can a snail drown?

Answer: Yes a snail can drown if it is submerged in water for too long

What is a snail’s natural predator?

Answer: Birds mammals and other larger animals

What is the average speed of a snail?

Answer: A snail’s average speed is 0.

0315 miles per hour

How does a snail move?

Answer: A snail moves by contracting and relaxing its muscular foot

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What is the world’s largest snail?

Answer: The world’s largest snail is the African giant snail which can grow up to 15 inches

How do snails reproduce?

Answer: Snails reproduce by laying eggs which are then incubated by the snail until they hatch

How many eggs does a snail lay?

Answer: A snail can lay anywhere from 30 to 180 eggs at a time

What is the incubation period for snail eggs?

Answer: The incubation period for snail eggs is about 2 weeks

What is the primary purpose of a snail’s shell?

Answer: The primary purpose of a snail’s shell is to protect its body from predators and the elements

Do all snails have shells?

Answer: No not all snails have shells.

Some species of snail have lost their shells through evolution

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