Why Is Without Remorse Rated R

“Without Remorse” is rated R for strong violence bloody images language and some sexual content/nudity.

The Tom Clancy novel “Without Remorse” is about a former Navy Seal who takes on a dangerous mission to exact revenge against some Russian mobsters. The character of John Clark is a very physically imposing force and the movie does not shy away from depicting his brutal fighting style. There are several scenes where Clark brutally beats and kills his opponents often accompanied by bloody images. There is also some language throughout the movie including a few uses of the F-word. In addition there is a scene near the end of the movie where Clark has sex with a prostitute during which we see some nudity.

Overall “Without Remorse” is a fairly violent and brutal movie with some strong language and sexual content. It’s certainly not for everyone but fans of Tom Clancy’s novels and action movies in general should enjoy it.

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What does the “R” in “Without Remorse” mean?

“R” means the movie is restricted to people who are 18 years or older.

Why is the movie restricted to people who are 18 years or older?

The movie is restricted because it has scenes that include violence sexual content and language.

What is the movie Without Remorse about?

Without Remorse is a movie about a Navy SEAL who sets out for revenge after his pregnant wife is killed by a drug cartel.

Who is the main character in Without Remorse?

Michael B.

Jordan plays the main character John Kelly/John Clark.

Who directed Without Remorse?

Stefano Sollima directed Without Remorse.

Who wrote Without Remorse?

Taylor Sheridan wrote Without Remorse.

What is the runtime of Without Remorse?

The runtime of Without Remorse is 1 hour 49 minutes.

What genre does Without Remorse belong to?

Without Remorse is an action-thriller.

What year was Without Remorse released?

Without Remorse was released on April 30 2021.

Who are some of the other cast members in Without Remorse?

Some of the other cast members in Without Remorse are Jodie Turner-Smith Jacob Scipio Jack Kesy and Lauren London.

What is the tagline for Without Remorse?

“There is no going back.

What is the budget for Without Remorse?

The budget for Without Remorse is $50 million.

What is the MPAA rating for Without Remorse?

Without Remorse is rated “R” by the MPAA.

What is the rating on Rotten Tomatoes for Without Remorse?

As of May 3 2021 Without Remorse has a 57% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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What is the Metacritic score for Without Remorse?

As of May 3 2021 Without Remorse has a 53 Metascore on Metacritic.

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