Why Is We’Re The Millers Rated R

There are a few reasons why the movie We’re the Millers is rated R. Primarily the movie features a lot of crude humor and some nudity. Additionally there is quite a bit of drug use showcased throughout the film.

Critics generally agreed that the movie was funny but many also felt that it was juvenile and sophomoric. The R rating ensures that only audiences who are prepared for that type of humor will be able to see the film.

We’re the Millers tells the story of a fake family who goes on a road trip to smuggle drugs across the border. The cast includes Jennifer Aniston Jason Sudeikis and Will Poulter.

Why is “We’re the Millers” rated R?

The movie is rated R for crude and sexual content brief nudity drug material and language.

What content in the movie caused it to be rated R?

Crude and sexual content brief nudity drug material and language.

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What is the plot of “We’re the Millers”?

A small-time pot dealer creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into the U.


from Mexico.

Who stars in “We’re the Millers”?

Jennifer Aniston Jason Sudeikis Emma Roberts and Will Poulter.

What genre is “We’re the Millers”?


What is the runtime of “We’re the Millers”?

110 minutes.

What year was “We’re the Millers” released?


What country did “We’re the Millers”gross the most in?

The United States.

What was the budget for “We’re the Millers”?

$37 million.

How much did “We’re the Millers” gross worldwide?


9 million.

What was the critical response to “We’re the Millers”?

The movie received mixed reviews from critics.

What did Rotten Tomatoes give “We’re the Millers”?

The movie has a 60% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

What did Metacritic give “We’re the Millers”?

The movie has a 54/100 critic rating on Metacritic.

What did CinemaScore give “We’re the Millers”?

The movie has an A- CinemaScore.

What did IMDb give “We’re the Millers”?

The movie has a 7.

0/10 rating on IMDb.

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