Why Is Platoon Rated R

When a movie is rated R it means that the film contains content that is strong enough to require an adult to accompany a child under the age of 17. In the case of Platoon the R rating is due to the film’s graphic and realistic portrayal of the Vietnam War.

While some may argue that the violence and language in Platoon is not suitable for children it is important to remember that the film is meant to be a realistic portrayal of the war. This is not a cartoon or a fantasy; it is a film that is meant to show the brutal reality of war.

For this reason the R rating is appropriate for Platoon. This is not a film that should be seen by children without an adult as it contains content that could be disturbing or traumatizing.

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What is the plot of the movie Platoon?

A group of U.


soldiers in Vietnam are faced with a moral dilemma when some of them decide to kill civilians.

How did the movie Platoon get its rating?

The movie Platoon was rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America for its violence and language.

Who directed the movie Platoon?

Oliver Stone directed the movie Platoon.

Who starred in the movie Platoon?

Charlie Sheen Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe starred in the movie Platoon.

What year was the movie Platoon released?

The movie Platoon was released in 1986.

What setting is the movie Platoon in?

The movie Platoon is set in Vietnam.

What genre does the movie Platoon belong to?

The movie Platoon belongs to the war genre.

What themes are present in the movie Platoon?

The themes present in the movie Platoon include the horrors of war and the morality of killing.

What was the budget for the movie Platoon?

The budget for the movie Platoon was $6 million.

What was the box office gross for the movie Platoon?

The box office gross for the movie Platoon was $138 million.

What awards did the movie Platoon win?

The movie Platoon won four Academy Awards including Best Picture.

What are some of the positive reviews for the movie Platoon?

Some positive reviews for the movie Platoon praised its unflinching portrayal of the horrors of war as well as its strong performances and direction.

What are some of the negative reviews for the movie Platoon?

Some negative reviews for the movie Platoon criticized its graphic violence and language as well as its slow pacing.

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Is the movie Platoon based on a true story?

No the movie Platoon is not based on a true story.

However it is loosely inspired by director Oliver Stone’s own experiences in the Vietnam War.

Should I see the movie Platoon?

Whether or not you should see the movie Platoon depends on your personal preferences.

However it is generally considered to be a well-made and powerful war movie.

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