Why Is Outlander Rated Ma

It’s been nearly eight years since Outlander first premiered on Starz and the show’s popularity only seems to be increasing as time goes on. The show is based on Diana Gabaldon’s internationally best-selling book series of the same name and it tells the story of Claire Randall a World War II nurse who accidentally travels back in time to 18th century Scotland. Claire falls in love with a dashing Highlander named Jamie Fraser and the two of them embark on a series of adventures together.

Outlander is rated TV-MA which means it’s intended for mature audiences only. It’s one of the few shows on television that features explicit sex scenes and it also contains a decent amount of violence. So why is Outlander rated TV-MA?

One of the main reasons Outlander is rated TV-MA is because of its sexual content. The show is pretty frank when it comes to sex and it doesn’t shy away from depicting both the good and the bad aspects of sex. For example one of the first sex scenes in the show is between Claire and Jamie and it’s a pretty passionate and intimate scene. However the show also doesn’t shy away from depicting the darker side of sex. In one particularly harrowing scene Claire is raped by Jamie’s sadistic cousin Randall. It’s a brutal and graphic scene and it definitely earns the show’s TV-MA rating.

Another reason Outlander is rated TV-MA is because of its violence. The show can be pretty brutal at times and it doesn’t shy away from depicting the bloody and brutal realities of 18th century life. For example one scene shows Jamie being tortured by Randall and it’s a pretty graphic and upsetting scene. There are also a number of battle scenes in the show and they can be pretty intense and violent.

So those are some of the main reasons why Outlander is rated TV-MA. It’s a show that definitely isn’t for everyone but it’s also a show that’s incredibly well-done and addictive. If you’re looking for a show that’s a bit different from the usual fare then Outlander is definitely worth checking out.

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Why is Outlander rated MA?

The show has strong language violence and sexual content.

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