Why Is My Rat Vibrating

There are many reasons why your rat may be vibrating. It could be that they are excited cold or experiencing seizures.

Some common causes of vibration in rats include:

Excitement: When rats get excited they may start to vibrate. This is often seen when they are playing or when they see something that interests them.

Cold: Rats are very sensitive to cold temperatures and may start to shiver and vibrate when they get cold. If your rat is cold you should provide them with a warm place to stay and warm bedding.

Seizures: Seizures are a common health problem in rats and can cause them to vibrate. If your rat is having a seizure you should take them to the vet immediately.

Why is my rat vibrating?

Your rat may be trying to tell you something! Rats typically vibrate when they’re excited scared or happy.

If your rat is vibrating and also showing other signs of excitement like chattering their teeth or running around it’s probably just excited.

If your rat is vibrating and showing other signs of fear like cowering or trying to hide it’s probably scared.

And if your rat is vibrating and showing other signs of happiness like playful behavior or grooming itself it’s probably happy.

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