Why Is Jungle Cruise Rated Pg-13

Jungle Cruise is rated PG-13 for a variety of reasons. For one the film features intense action sequences that could be considered too intense for younger viewers. Additionally the film contains some language that could be considered offensive by some viewers. Finally the film includes some sexual content that could be considered inappropriate for younger viewers.

Why is jungle cruise rated pg-13?

The movie is rated PG-13 for action/adventure violence and some suggestive material.

What is the plot of jungle cruise?

The plot of the movie follows a woman who hires a riverboat captain to help find her missing brothers in the Amazon jungle.

Who are the main characters in jungle cruise?

The main characters in the movie are Lily Houghton Dr.

David Houghton and Frank Weaver.

What is the primary setting of jungle cruise?

The primary setting of the movie is the Amazon jungle.

Why does Lily hire Frank to take her into the Amazon?

Lily hires Frank because she needs someone who knows the river and can get her to where her brothers are.

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What is Frank’s motive for helping Lily?

Frank’s motive for helping Lily is initially money but he eventually comes to care for her and wants to help her for free.

What danger do Lily and Frank face in the Amazon?

Lily and Frank face many dangers in the Amazon including aggressive river pirates and deadly predators.

How do Lily and Frank find Lily’s brothers?

Lily’s brothers are found by following a map that Lily’s father left her.

What is the climax of jungle cruise?

The climax of the movie occurs when Lily and Frank confront the river pirates who have been holding Lily’s brothers captive.

What is the resolution of jungle cruise?

The resolution of the movie is Lily being reunited with her brothers and Frank getting his boat back.

What theme is present in jungle cruise?

One of the themes present in the movie is the importance of family.

Is jungle cruise a remake?

No jungle cruise is not a remake.

What is the genre of jungle cruise?

The genre of jungle cruise is action/adventure.

What is the runtime of jungle cruise?

The runtime of jungle cruise is 1 hour and 54 minutes.

When was jungle cruise released?

Jungle cruise was released on July 24 2020.

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