Why Did Medusa Have Snake Hair

Medusa is a figure from Greek mythology who was renowned for her beauty. Unfortunately this also meant that she attracted the attention of the wrong sort of people including the god Poseidon. One day while Medusa was in a temple dedicated to Athena Poseidon raped her. Athena was so disgusted by this act that she punished Medusa by turning her hair into snakes.

What was Medusa’s hair made of?

Answer: Snakes

Who turned Medusa into a monster?

Answer: Athena

What did Medusa do that made Athena angry?

Answer: She boasted that she was more beautiful than Athena.

Where did Medusa live?

Answer: In Africa

What did Medusa’s hair do to people?

Answer: It turned them into stone

Was Medusa originally a monster?

Answer: No she was a beautiful woman

How many Gorgons were there?

Answer: Three

Who was Medusa’s sister?

Answer: Stheno

Who was Medusa’s other sister?

Answer: Euryale

What was the only way to kill Medusa?

Answer: To cut off her head

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Who killed Medusa?

Answer: Perseus

What did Athena do with Medusa’s head?

Answer: She put it on her shield

What did Perseus do with Medusa’s head after he killed her?

Answer: He gave it to Athena

What was Medusa’s name before she was turned into a monster?

Answer: Gorgo

What is the name of the story of Medusa?

Answer: The Medusa myth

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