Where Do Tree Frogs Go In The Winter

As the weather starts to cool down and the days get shorter many animals begin to prepare for winter. Some animals migrate to warmer climates while others hibernate. So what do tree frogs do?

Tree frogs are amphibians meaning they need both water and land to survive. This means that they can’t migrate like some other animals. Instead they must find a place to overwinter.

There are many different species of tree frogs and each has its own strategy for surviving the winter. Some species will burrow underground while others will climb high into the trees. Some tree frogs will even aestivate which means they will bury themselves in the ground and go into a state of dormancy.

While tree frogs may have different strategies for surviving the winter they all have one goal: to make it to spring alive.

Do tree frogs hibernate?

Some tree frogs do hibernate but others may migrate to find a suitable location.

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How do tree frogs know when it’s time to hibernate?

Tree frogs generally hibernate when the temperature starts to drop and food becomes scarce.

Do all tree frogs hibernate?

No not all tree frogs hibernate.

Some tree frogs may migrate to find a suitable location.

Where do tree frogs go when they hibernate?

Tree frogs generally go to a place where it is cool and moist such as a cave or a hole in a tree.

How long do tree frogs hibernate?

Tree frogs generally hibernate for about 6-8 months.

What do tree frogs eat?

Tree frogs generally eat insects such as flies mosquitoes and beetles.

Do tree frogs eat other animals?

No tree frogs generally do not eat other animals.

What do tree frogs drink?

Tree frogs generally drink water.

How do tree frogs breathe?

Tree frogs generally breathe through their nose and skin.

What is the life span of a tree frog?

The life span of a tree frog is generally about 5-10 years.

What are the predators of tree frogs?

The predators of tree frogs include snakes birds and mammals.

How do tree frogs defend themselves from predators?

Tree frogs generally defend themselves by camouflage or by hiding in trees or bushes.

What is the sound that tree frogs make?

The sound that tree frogs make is generally a mating call to attract females.

What color are tree frogs?

Tree frogs are generally green but they can also be brown grey or even brightly colored.

Why are tree frogs important?

Tree frogs are important because they help to control the populations of insects.

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