Where Do I Buy Snails

Looking to buy some snails for your home aquarium or terrarium? Here are some tips on where to find them and what to look for!

Local Fish Stores/Pet Stores

This is probably the most common place people think of when looking to buy snails. And it makes sense – most places that sell fish also sell snails. The selection will vary from store to store but you should be able to find at least a few different species of snails.

Some things to keep in mind when buying from a store:

-The conditions of the store. If the fish tanks are crowded and dirty the snails are likely to be in poor condition as well.

-The price. Snails are often priced by the size/type of shell they have. The bigger the snail the more it will cost.

Online Vendors

There are tons of snail vendors online these days. A simple Google search will turn up dozens of results. The great thing about buying online is that you have a much wider selection to choose from. You can find species that are rare or difficult to find in stores.

Some things to keep in mind when buying online:

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-The reputation of the vendor. Read reviews and see what other customers have said about their experience.

-The shipping costs. These can vary widely so be sure to compare different vendors before making a purchase.

-The acclimation process. Most vendors will ship snails in a sealed bag with some water. When you receive them you’ll need to slowly acclimate them to your tank water to avoid shocking them.

Local Breeders/Hobbyists

If you’re looking for a specific species of snail your best bet may be to find a local breeder or hobbyist. These people are usually passionate about snails and have a good knowledge of the different species. They may be able to provide you with advice on care and diet as well.

Some things to keep in mind when dealing with breeders/hobbyists:

-The number of snails you’re looking for. Some breeders may not have many snails available while others may have hundreds.

-The price. This will vary depending on the species of snail and the breeder/hobbyist.

-The health of the snails. Be sure to inspect the snails before purchasing to ensure they are in good health.

No matter where you buy your snails be sure to do your research ahead of time. This will help you find the best possible option for your needs.

How many snails does one need for a shell collection?

Answer: It is recommended to have at least 5-6 snails.

Where is the best place to buy snails?

Answer: It is best to buy snails from a reputable breeder or pet store.

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How much do snails cost?

Answer: Snails can range in price from $1-$15.

Do snails need a special diet?

Answer: Yes snails need a diet that is high in calcium in order to maintain their shell health.

What vegetables can snails eat?

Answer: Some vegetables that snails can eat are lettuce cabbage and spinach.

What fruits can snails eat?

Answer: Some fruits that snails can eat are bananas oranges and apples.

What type of calcium do snails need?

Answer: Snails need a calcium supplement that is safe for them to consume.

How often do snails need to be fed?

Answer: Snails should be fed every 1-2 days.

How do you know if a snail is healthy?

Answer: A healthy snail has a smooth hard shell and is active.

What are some signs of a sick snail?

Answer: Some signs of a sick snail are a soft shell no appetite and lethargy.

How do you treat a sick snail?

Answer: It is best to take a sick snail to the vet for treatment.

How often do snails need to be bathed?

Answer: Snails should be bathed every 1-2 weeks.

What is the best way to bathe a snail?

Answer: The best way to bathe a snail is to use dechlorinated water.

Do snails like to be handled?

Answer: Some snails do not mind being handled while others do not like it.

How should you handle a snail?

Answer: It is best to wash your hands before handling a snail.

When handling a snail support its shell with one hand and use the other hand to gently pet its body.

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