Where Charlotte Wrote Some Pig

When Charlotte was just a little girl she loved to write. She would sit at her desk for hours writing stories and poems about her favorite animals. One of her favorite things to write about were pigs. She loved the way they wiggled their noses and the way they ate.

One day Charlotte decided to write a story about a pig. She titled it “Some Pig.” In her story she described a pig that was different than any other pig. This pig could fly! Charlotte was so proud of her story she decided to show her teacher.

Her teacher loved the story and hung it up on the bulletin board for everyone to see. Charlotte was so excited and proud of herself. She knew she had written something special.

Where was Charlotte born?

In a barn.

Where does Charlotte live?

On a farm.

How many children does Charlotte have?


What is Charlotte’s favorite food?


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What kind of animal is Charlotte?

A pig.

Does Charlotte like to play in the mud?


What are Charlotte’s favorite things to do?

Eat and sleep.

What is Charlotte’s least favorite food?


What does Charlotte think of Wilbur?

Wilbur is her best friend.

How old is Charlotte?


What does Charlotte do when she’s not eating or sleeping?

She plays with Wilbur.

What does Charlotte do when she’s bored?

She sings.

What is Charlotte’s favorite color?


What does Charlotte want to be when she grows up?

A teacher.

What is Charlotte’s middle name?


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