Where Can I Stream Snake Eyes

If you’re looking to stream Snake Eyes you have a few options. You can head to sites like FandangoNOW VUDU Google Play iTunes and YouTube to purchase or rent the film. If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime you can also stream the movie through their Prime Video service. Finally if you’re a Comcast Xfinity subscriber you can watch the film through their On Demand service.

Where can I stream Snake Eyes?

Answer 1: On most streaming platforms including Netflix Amazon Prime and Hulu.

What is the run time of Snake Eyes?

Answer 2: 1 hour and 58 minutes.

What year was Snake Eyes released?

Answer 3: 1998

What is the genre of Snake Eyes?

Answer 4: Action Crime Thriller

Who directed Snake Eyes?

Answer 5: Brian De Palma

Who wrote Snake Eyes?

Answer 6: David Koepp

Who stars in Snake Eyes?

Answer 7: Nicolas Cage Gary Sinise John Heard

What is the budget of Snake Eyes?

Answer 8: $73 million

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What is the box office gross of Snake Eyes?

Answer 9: $103.

3 million

What is the plot of Snake Eyes?

Answer 10: A Las Vegas showman investigates the murder of his best friend.

What are the critics sayings about Snake Eyes?

Answer 11: Rotten Tomatoes has a 66% rating based on 22 reviews.

What are some awards that Snake Eyes has won?

Answer 12: Saturn Award for Best Action-Adventure Film.

What are some nominations that Snake Eyes has received?

Answer 13: Academy Award for Best Sound Editing Saturn Award for Best Actor.

Is Snake Eyes available on Blu-ray?

Answer 14: Yes it was released on May 5 2009.

What are the special features on the Snake Eyes Blu-ray?

Answer 15: Deleted scenes alternate endings and behind-the-scenes featurettes.

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