What Type Of Snails Are Used For Escargot

There are two types of snails typically used for escargot: the land snail and the sea snail. The most common type of snail used for escargot is the edible snail also known as the French snail or petit-gris. This species is found in France Spain Portugal Italy and Algeria.

The other type of snail used for escargot is the common brown garden snail. This species is found in gardens and fields throughout Europe.

The land snail is the traditional choice for escargot but the sea snail is becoming more popular due to its larger size and firmer flesh.

When choosing snails for escargot look for those that are plump and have a creamy white flesh. Avoid those that are thin or have a greenish tint to their flesh as these are likely to be undercooked.

Snails should be cooked alive to ensure they are fresh. To do this place them in a colander and pour boiling water over them. This will kill them instantly and make them easier to remove from their shells.

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Once the snails are cooked remove them from their shells and place them in a dish. Serve with a garlic-butter sauce and some crusty bread.

What is the name of the dish that is made from snails?


What is the name of the type of snail typically used for escargot?

Helix pomatia.

Where do Helix pomatia snails typically live?

In the wild Helix pomatia snails are found in countries throughout Europe including France Germany and Italy.

How are Helix pomatia snails typically prepared for escargot?

The snails are first removed from their shells and then cooked in a garlic-butter sauce.

What is another name for Helix pomatia snails?

Roman snails or Burgundy snails.

Are Helix pomatia snails the only type of snail used for escargot?

No other species of snail such as the common garden snail can also be used.

How long have people been eating escargot?

The first recorded instance of people eating escargot dates back to the Roman Empire though it is likely that the dish is even older.

Where did the Roman Empire get its escargot?

The Roman Empire most likely got its escargot from the Greeks who also ate the dish.

How did escargot become a popular dish in France?

Escargot became popular in France in the 19th century when restaurants in Paris began serving the dish.

What is the name of the French word for snail?


How many calories are in a serving of escargot?

A typical serving of escargot contains approximately 100 calories.

How much protein is in a serving of escargot?

A typical serving of escargot contains approximately 6 grams of protein.

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What are the main nutrients in escargot?

The main nutrients in escargot are protein fat and sodium.

What is the recommended serving size for escargot?

The recommended serving size for escargot is 4 to 6 snails per person.

How many snails are in a can of escargot?

A typical can of escargot contains 12 to 24 snails.

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