What Is The Literacy Rate Of Europe

The literacy rate of Europe is estimated to be around 99%. This means that almost all adults in Europe can read and write. However there are still some areas where the literacy rate is lower. For example in some parts of Eastern Europe the literacy rate is only about 80%. This is because many people in these regions did not have access to education during the Soviet era. In addition the economic crisis in recent years has also affected the literacy rate in some parts of Europe. For example in Greece the literacy rate has been estimated to be around 94%.

What is the literacy rate of Europe?

The latest literacy rate for Europe is 99%.

How many countries are in Europe?

50 countries are in Europe.

Which country has the highest literacy rate in Europe?

countries with the highest literacy rate in Europe are Poland Estonia and the Czech Republic.

Which country has the lowest literacy rate in Europe?

The country with the lowest literacy rate in Europe is Monaco.

How many people live in Europe?

742 million people live in Europe.

What is the population of Europe?

742 million people live in Europe.

What is the surface area of Europe?


18 million km²

What is the GDP of Europe?


46 trillion

What is the HDI of Europe?



What is the life expectancy in Europe?

The life expectancy in Europe is 80 years.

What is the infant mortality rate in Europe?

The infant mortality rate in Europe is 4.

3 per 1000 live births.

What is the fertility rate in Europe?

The fertility rate in Europe is 1.

58 children per woman.

What languages are spoken in Europe?

There are over three hundred languages spoken in Europe.

What is the climate like in Europe?

The climate in Europe is varied due to the large geographical area.

What are the natural resources of Europe?

The natural resources of Europe include coal iron ore natural gas oil and timber.

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