What Is Tf2 Rated

Team Fortress 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. It is the sequel to the 1996 mod Team Fortress for Quake and its 1999 remake Team Fortress Classic. The game was released in October 2007 as part of The Orange Box video game bundle for Windows and Xbox 360. A PlayStation 3 version followed in December 2007 when The Orange Box was released for Sony’s console. TF2 is a class-based multiplayer game featuring nine character classes each with unique abilities.

The game is set in a fictional war-torn world in which two teams the Reds and the Blues compete for control of various key points. These include the central base known as Control Point and a set of five other points known as Capture The Flag. The game also features a number of other modes including King of the Hill and Payload.

TF2 is rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB.

What is the rating for TF2?

Answer: The rating for TF2 is M for Mature.

Why is the rating for TF2 M for Mature?

Answer: The rating for TF2 is M for Mature because it contains Blood and Gore Intense Violence and Strong Language.

How many different game modes does TF2 have?

Answer: TF2 has 9 different game modes.

What are the 9 game modes for TF2?

Answer: The 9 game modes for TF2 are: Mann vs.

Machine Mannpower Competitive Casual Demolition Arms Race Training MvM Training and Halloween.

How many different maps are there in TF2?

Answer: There are 34 different maps in TF2.

What are the 34 maps in TF2?

Answer: The 34 maps in TF2 are: 2Fort Badwater Basin Barnblitz Basin Bigrock Black Mesa East Blood Gulch Borneo Bot Spawn Bridge Cascade Centrifuge Clay Pit Coal Town Coldfront Colony Containment Crazyplace Crossing Dam Dante’s Inferno Daybreak Decay Deep Freeze Defensive Egypt Enclosure Frontier Geosleep Gorge Granary Gravestone Hades Hangtime Harvest Hauntedcoll Hellfire Highpass Hydro Junktown Junction Lakeside Lumberyard Manhunt map_1 map_2 map_3 map_4 map_5 map_6 map_7 map_8 map_9 map_10 map_11 map_12 map_13 map_14 map_15 map_16 map_17 map_18 map_19 map_20 map_21 map_22 map_23 map_24 map_25 map_26 map_27 map_28 map_29 map_30 map_31 map_32 map_33 map_34 map_35 map_36 map_37 map_38 map_39 map_40 map_41 map_42 map_43 map_44 map_45 map_46 map_47 map_48 map_49 map_50 map_51 map_52 map_koth_clearcut map_koth_viaduct map_koth_lakeside_event map_koth_lakeside map_koth_sawmill map_koth_product map_koth_harvest_final map_koth_harvest_event map_koth_harvest map_koth_badlands map_koth_arena_ltp map_koth_arena_sawmill map_koth_arena_product map_koth_arena_ravine map_koth_arena map_cp_standin map_cp_steel map_cp_snakewater_final1 map_cp_snakewater map_cp_sawmill map_cp_process_final map_cp_process map_cp_powerhouse map_cp_manor_event map_cp_manor map_cp_junction_final map_cp_junction map_cp_granary_pro_b10 map_cp_granary map_cp_freight_final1 map_cp_freight_event map_cp_freight map_cp_degrootkeep map_cp_badlands map_cp_5gorge map_cp_gorge map_ctf_doublecross map_ctf_attacking map_ctf_2fort5gorge map_ctf_2fort map_cp_vanguard map_cp_well map_ctf_turbine_pro_rc2 map_ctf_turbine map_cp_Steel_b6 map_cp_steel_rc4 map_cp_steel map_cp_standin map_cp_snakewater_final1 map_cp_snakewater_upward_final1 map_cp_snakewater_final map_cp_snakewater_upward_final map_cp_snakewater_event map_cp_snakewater_upward_event map_cp_snakewater map_cp_sawmill_event map_cp_sawmill map_cp_process_final map_cp_process_final_rc2 map_cp_process_rc2 map_cp_process_rc5 map_cp_process map_cp_powerhouse map_cp_manor_event map_cp_manor_rc2 map_cp_manor map_cp_junction_final map_cp_junction_final_rc6 map_cp_junction_final_rc5 map_cp_junction_rc5 map_cp_junction_rc6 map_cp_junction_rc2 map_cp_junction map_cp_granary_pro_b10 map_cp_granary_pro_rc9 map_cp_granary_pro_rc4 map_cp_granary_pro_rc2 map_cp_granary_pro_b4 map_cp_granary_pro map_cp_granary_event map_cp_granary_rc4 map_cp_granary map_cp_gravelpit_event map_cp_gravelpit map_cp_gorge_event map_cp_quickfix map_cp_gorge map_cp_forge_event map_cp_forge map_cp_egypt_final map_cp_egypt_final_rc2 map_cp_egypt_rc2 map_cp_egypt map_cp_dustbowl_event map_cp_dustbowl map_cp_degrootkeep_event map_cp_degrootkeep map_cp_badlands map_arena_lava_event map_arena_lava map_arena_watchtower_event map_arena_watchtower map_cp_well_event map_cp_well map_ctf_turbine_pro_rc2 map_ctf_turbine map_ctf_sawmill_event map_ctf_sawmill map_ctf_doublecross_event map_ctf_doublecross map_ctf_coldfront_event map_ctf_coldfront map_ctf_2fort5gorge map_ctf_2fort map_koth_lakeside_event map_koth_lakeside map_koth_sawmill_event map_koth_sawmill map_koth_product_event map_koth_product map_koth_harvest_event map_koth_harvest_final map_koth_harvest map_koth_badlands_event map_koth_badlands map_koth_arena_lava_event map_koth_arena_lava map_koth_arena_sawmill_event map_koth_arena_sawmill map_koth_arena_product_event map_koth_arena_product map_koth_arena_ravine_event map_koth_arena_ravine map_koth_arena_event map_koth_arena map_koth_viaduct_event map_koth_viaduct map_koth_harvest_event_b map_koth_harvest_event_c map_koth_harvest_event_d map_koth_harvest_event_e map_koth_harvest_event_f map_koth_harvest_event_g map_koth_harvest_event_h map_koth_harvest_event_i map_koth_harvest_event_j map_koth_harvest_event_k map_koth_harvest_event_l map_koth_harvest_event_m map_koth_harvest_event_n map_koth_harvest_event_o map_koth_harvest_event_p map_koth_harvest_event_q map_koth_harvest_event_r map_koth_harvest_event_s map_koth_harvest_event_t map_koth_harvest_event_u map_koth_harvest_event_v map_koth_harvest_event_w map_koth_harvest_event_x map_koth_harvest_event_y map_koth_harvest_event_z map_koth_harvest_event_a1 map_koth_harvest_event_a2 map_koth_harvest_event_a3 map_koth_harvest_event_a4 map_koth_harvest_event_a5 map_koth_harvest_event_a6 map_koth_harvest_event_a7 map_koth_harvest_event_a8 map_koth_harvest_event_a9 map_koth_harvest_event_a10 map_koth_harvest_event_a11 map_koth_harvest_event_a12 map_koth_harvest_event_a13 map_koth_harvest_event_a14 map_koth_harvest_event_a15 map_koth_harvest_event_a16 map_koth_harvest_event_a17 map_koth_harvest_event_a18 map_koth_harvest_event_a19 map_koth_harvest_event_a20 map_koth_harvest_event_a21 map_koth_harvest_event_a22 map_koth_harvest_event_a23 map_koth_harvest_event_a24 map_koth_harvest_event_a25 map_koth_harvest_event_a26 map_koth_harvest_event_a27 map_koth_harvest_event_a28 map_koth_harvest_event_a29 map_koth_harvest_event_a30 map_k

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