What Is Nomadland Rated

Nomadland is a gripping intimate portrait of American nomads who have forsaken permanent homes for the freedom of the open road.

Filmed over the course of three years director Chloe Zhao captures the beauty and hardships of the nomadic lifestyle with great sensitivity. The film follows the real-life journey of Linda May a 65-year-old woman who after losing her job at a factory in Empire Nevada decides to become a “van-dweller” and travel across America.

May is an incredibly brave and resourceful woman and her story is both inspiring and heartbreaking. The film offers a rare and insightful look into the lives of a group of people who are often misunderstood or invisible in society.

While the film does not sugarcoat the challenges of the nomadic life it ultimately affirms the strength and resilience of the human spirit. Nomadland is a must-see for anyone who values independence courage and hope.

What is “Nomadland” rated?

Answer 1: R

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What is the running time of “Nomadland”?

Answer 2: 1 hour 47 minutes

What is the release date of “Nomadland”?

Answer 3: February 19 2021

Who directed “Nomadland”?

Answer 4: Chloe Zhao

Who wrote the screenplay for “Nomadland”?

Answer 5: Chloe Zhao

Who are the executive producers of “Nomadland”?

Answer 6: Frances McDormand Peter Spears Mollye Asher Dan Janvey Chloe Zhao

Who are the producers of “Nomadland”?

Answer 7: Frances McDormand author Jessica Bruder and Chloé Zhao

What company produced “Nomadland”?

Answer 8: Searchlight Pictures

What is the budget of “Nomadland”?

Answer 9: $3 million

What is the box office gross of “Nomadland” as of February 28 2021?

Answer 10: $5.

3 million

What country is “Nomadland” set in?

Answer 11: United States

What state is “Nomadland” set in?

Answer 12: California Nevada South Dakota and Arizona

What is the primary language of “Nomadland”?

Answer 13: English

What other languages is “Nomadland” also available in?

Answer 14: French and Japanese

What is the aspect ratio of “Nomadland”?

Answer 15: 2.


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