What Is Heathers Rated

Heathers is a 1988 American black comedy film directed by Michael Lehmann written by Daniel Waters and starring Winona Ryder Christian Slater and Shannen Doherty. The film has earned cult status.[1][2]

The film was released in the United States on March 31 1989 grossing $1180477 in its opening weekend. It received mostly positive reviews from critics.

Heathers was ranked #5 on Entertainment Weekly’s list of the 50 Best High School Movies[3] and in 2007 the Michigan Theater named it the greatest high school film of all time.[4] In 2015 the United States Library of Congress selected the film for preservation in the National Film Registry finding it “culturally historically or aesthetically significant”.[5][6]

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In 2016 a stage musical adaptation of Heathers opened on Broadway.

Heathers is set in the fictional town of Sherwood Ohio. The film centers on Veronica Sawyer a senior at Westerburg High School. Veronica is part of the clique of powerful girls at school known as the “Heathers” who are named after the three most popular girls at Westerburg: Heather Chandler Heather Duke and Heather McNamara.

The Heathers are the most popular and powerful students at Westerburg. They are cruel manipulative and vindictive and they use their popularity to control the other students. Veronica is tired of their bullying and is looking for a way out.

She meets Jason “J.D.” Dean a new student at Westerburg. J.D. is a rebel who doesn’t care about anything or anyone. He is everything that the Heathers are not. Veronica is drawn to him and the two begin a dangerous relationship.

J.D. starts to show his true colors when he begins to encourage Veronica to stand up to the Heathers. He encourages her to be more like him to be a bad girl. Veronica starts to see the darker side of J.D. and she realizes that he is not the perfect boyfriend that she thought he was.

The relationship between Veronica and J.D. reaches a breaking point when J.D. starts to plot a mass murder at Westerburg High. Veronica has to decide whether to go along with J.D.’s plan or to stop him and save the lives of her classmates.

Heathers is a dark comedy that satirizes the teen film genre. It is a critical and commercial success and it has earned cult status. The film is known for its quotable dialogue its dark humor and its iconic characters.

What is the rating for the movie Heathers?

Answer: R

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How many people died in the movie Heathers?

Answer: 4

What was the motive for the killings in the movie Heathers?

Answer: Jealousy rejection and bullying.

Who was the first person killed in the movie Heathers?

Answer: Heather Chandler

Who killed Heather Chandler in the movie Heathers?

Answer: Veronica Sawyer

What did Veronica use to kill Heather Chandler?

Answer: Drain cleaner

Who was Veronica’s accomplice in killing Heather Chandler?

Answer: J.


Who was the second person killed in the movie Heathers?

Answer: Kurt Kelly

How did Veronica and J.


kill Kurt Kelly?

Answer: They blew up his car with him inside of it.

Who was the third person killed in the movie Heathers?

Answer: Ram Sweeney

How did Veronica and J.


kill Ram Sweeney?

Answer: They poisoned his food with toxic chemicals.

Who was the fourth and final person killed in the movie Heathers?

Answer: Martha Dunnstock

How did Veronica and J.


kill Martha Dunnstock?

Answer: They staged her suicide by making it look like she hanged herself.

How did J.


die in the movie Heathers?

Answer: He shot himself in the head.

How did the movie Heathers end?

Answer: Veronica Sawyer realized that she didn’t want to be like J.


and that killing people wasn’t the answer.

She then turned herself in to the police.

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