What Is A Rack Rate For Hotels

A rack rate is the standard price for a hotel room quoted before any discounts or special rates are applied. Rack rates are used as a guide for travel agents and other booking agents who then apply their own discounts and markups. For example a hotel might quote a rack rate of $200 per night but a travel agent might book the same room for $150 per night.

Rack rates can also be used as a baseline for negotiating special rates. For example if a hotel is offering a 10% discount off the rack rate you can use the rack rate to calculate the price you would expect to pay. In this case the rack rate would be $180 per night.

Rack rates are generally published on a hotel’s website and are subject to change at any time. If you’re booking a room directly with a hotel it’s always best to ask for the current rack rate so you can compare it to any special rates that might be available.

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