What Is A Garden Snake Look Like

A garden snake is a small thin snake that is usually green or brown in color. They can grow to be about 2-3 feet long and are typically non-venomous. Garden snakes are found in a variety of habitats but are most commonly seen in gardens fields and forests.

Garden snakes are slender snakes with smooth scales. They have round pupils and their heads are slightly larger than their necks. The body of a garden snake is covered with patterned patches of color. The colors of garden snakes can be very variable but green and brown are the most common. Some garden snakes may have stripes running down their backs while others may have spots.

Garden snakes are generally shy and non-aggressive snakes. They will typically avoid contact with humans and will only bite if they feel threatened. If you do encounter a garden snake there is no need to be alarmed. These snakes are not poisonous and pose no threat to humans.

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What does a garden snake look like?

Answer 1: A garden snake is typically green or brown and has a light underside.

They can grow to be anywhere from 12 to 36 inches long.

Where do garden snakes live?

Answer 2: Garden snakes are found in North America east of the Rocky Mountains.

What do garden snakes eat?

Answer 3: Garden snakes eat a variety of insects including crickets grasshoppers and caterpillars.

How long do garden snakes live?

Answer 4: Garden snakes typically live for 3 to 5 years.

What is the average size of a garden snake?

Answer 5: The average garden snake is about 24 inches long.

What is the largest garden snake on record?

Answer 6: The largest garden snake on record was more than 6 feet long!

What is the smallest garden snake on record?

Answer 7: The smallest garden snake on record was less than 6 inches long.

Do garden snakes have venom?

Answer 8: No garden snakes are not venomous.

How do garden snakes reproduce?

Answer 9: Garden snakes typically mate in the spring.

The female will then lay a clutch of eggs (usually 4 to 12) in late spring or early summer.

What is the gestation period for garden snakes?

Answer 10: The gestation period for garden snakes is about 2 months.

How often do garden snakes shed their skin?

Answer 11: Garden snakes typically shed their skin 1 to 2 times per year.

Are garden snakes endangered?

Answer 12: No garden snakes are not endangered.

What is the natural predators of garden snakes?

Answer 13: Natural predators of garden snakes include birds of prey raccoons and opossums.

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Do garden snakes make good pets?

Answer 14: Yes garden snakes can make good pets if they are properly cared for.

What are some things I need to know before getting a garden snake as a pet?

Answer 15: Some things you need to know before getting a garden snake as a pet include: making sure your snake has a large cage to move around in providing your snake with a hiding place and feeding your snake live insects.

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