What Happened To Fox 35 Orlando

On April 8 2018 longtime news anchor Amy Taylor and evening news co-anchor John Brown were abruptly let go from Fox 35 Orlando. The station offered no explanation for the firings.Sources close to the situation say that the decision was made by Fox 35’s General Manager Travis Dorminey who was recently hired from Atlanta.

Some viewers and reporters speculate that the decision was made because Fox 35 is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group which has been criticized for its conservative bias. Sinclair has been accused of mandating that its stations run certain segments that are favorable to President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

However a Fox 35 spokesperson told the Orlando Sentinel that the station’s news coverage is not influenced by Sinclair. The spokesperson also said that the firings were not politically motivated and that the decision was made purely for “business reasons.”

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Nevertheless the firings of Taylor and Brown have generated a lot of controversy with many people accusing Sinclair of censorship. Some viewers have even vowed to boycott the station.

Only time will tell how this story develops. Stay tuned to Fox 35 Orlando for the latest updates.

What was the original name of Fox 35 Orlando?


When did WOFL become Fox 35 Orlando?

In 1996

What is the on-air slogan for Fox 35 Orlando?

“Your Hometown Station”

What programming does Fox 35 air?

News traffic and weather

What is the flagship program for Fox 35 Orlando?

Good Day Orlando

When does Good Day Orlando air?

4:00 a.


to 10:00 a.


What is the anchors for Good Day Orlando?

Amy Kaufeldt Jackie Othon Justin Warmoth and Suzanne Whang

What is the traffic reporter for Fox 35?

Mike Deeson

What is the sports director for Fox 35?

David Pingalore

What is the news director for Fox 35?

Jay Clark

When did David Pingalore join Fox 35?

In 2003

When was Fox 35’s newscast good day orlando launched?

In 2007

What is the morning show for Fox 35?

Good Day Orlando

When did Good Day Orlando start airing?

In 2007

What is the length of Good Day Orlando?

4 hours

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