What Does Tiana Make In Princess And The Frog

Disney’s Princess and the Frog is set in the Jazz Age-era of the early 1920s in the fictional city of New Orleans. The main character Tiana is a young African-American woman who dreams of owning her own restaurant. When she meets a frog prince who has been turned into a frog by an evil voodoo witch doctor she kisses him in an attempt to break the spell. Tiana then turns into a frog herself and the two must find a way to break the curse.

Tiana is a hardworking and determined young woman who never gives up on her dreams. She is also a talented cook and her dream is to open her own restaurant. In the film she is shown working at a number of different jobs in order to save up enough money to buy her own place. These jobs include working as a waitress a cook and even a cleaning lady. She is also shown to be a talented singer and she performs a number of songs throughout the film.

While Tiana is working to save up money for her restaurant she meets a frog prince named Naveen. Naveen has been turned into a frog by an evil voodoo witch doctor and he needs Tiana’s help to break the spell. Tiana agrees to help Naveen and she kisses him in an attempt to break the curse. However the curse is not broken and Tiana turns into a frog herself.

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The two frogs then go on a journey to find the voodoo witch doctor who cursed Naveen. Along the way they meet a number of colorful characters including a firefly named Ray a Cajun musician named Louis and a voodoo queen named Mama Odie. They eventually find the witch doctor and Tiana and Naveen are both turned back into humans.

Tiana then opens her own restaurant which is called Tiana’s Place. The restaurant is a huge success and Tiana finally realizes her dream. The film ends with Tiana and Naveen getting married and living happily ever after.

Quotes from the film:

“The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work.” – Tiana

“You can’t help who you fall in love with.” – Tiana

“Don’t give up on your dreams.” – Tiana

What does Tiana make in Princess and the Frog?

Tiana makes beignets.

Does Tiana have any siblings?

No Tiana is an only child.

Does Tiana ever meet her mother again?

No Tiana’s mother dies before she has the chance to meet her again.

What does Tiana want to do when she grows up?

Tiana wants to own her own restaurant.

Who helps Tiana turn into a frog?

A voodoo man named Dr.

Facilier helps Tiana turn into a frog.

Does Tiana stay a frog for the entirety of the movie?

No Tiana turns back into a human at the end of the movie.

What is Tiana’s frog form’s name?

Tiana’s frog form is named “Tiana” as well.

Who is Tiana’s best friend?

Tiana’s best friend is a girl named Charlotte La Bouff.

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What is the name of Tiana’s father?

Tiana’s father is named James.

What does Tiana wear to her first job interview?

Tiana wears a dress to her first job interview.

What does Tiana wear to her second job interview?

Tiana wears pants to her second job interview.

How does Tiana feel about working in a restaurant?

Tiana loves working in a restaurant.

What does Tiana do when she gets upset?

Tiana likes to cook when she gets upset.

What does Tiana make for dinner on her first date with Naveen?

Tiana makes gumbo for dinner on her first date with Naveen.

Does Tiana get her restaurant in the end?

Yes Tiana gets her restaurant in the end.

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