What Does Join Or Die Snake Mean

In the late eighteenth century the symbol of a snake cut into pieces and then joined back together was used as a rallying cry by supporters of colonial unity in the face of the threats posed by the British Empire. The symbol was first used publicly by Benjamin Franklin in 1754 in a political cartoon he published in the Pennsylvania Gazette. The cartoon which was titled “Join or Die” depicted a snake that had been cut into eight pieces each representing a different American colony or region.

Today the “Join or Die” snake is often used as a symbol of the United States and its spirit of unity in the face of adversity. It is also seen as a symbol of the fight against tyranny and oppression and has been adopted by many political and social movements over the years.

What does the phrase “Join or Die.

” mean?

Answer: The phrase “Join or Die.

” is a call to unity indicating that it is better to work together than to be divided.

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