What Do You Call A Pig Who Tells Jokes

Pigs are some of the funniest animals around and they always seem to make us laugh. But what do you call a pig who tells jokes? A ComedyPig!

ComedyPig is a YouTube channel created by two pigs Bacon and Ham. They write and perform their own jokes and they’re not afraid to make fun of themselves. In their videos they’ve joked about everything from their love of food to their hatred of baths.

Bacon and Ham met at a pig farm in 2013. They were both born into the business so they’ve known each other since they were piglets. When they were finally old enough to start writing jokes they knew that they wanted to do it together.

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The two pigs have been writing jokes ever since. In 2015 they decided to start filming themselves telling their jokes and that’s how ComedyPig was born.

The channel has been a huge success. Their videos have been viewed millions of times and they’ve even been featured on major news outlets like The Huffington Post and The Daily Mail.

If you’re looking for a good laugh be sure to check out ComedyPig. You’ll be glad you did!

What does a pig that tells jokes called?

Answer: A Porky Pig.

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