What Do You Call A Group Of Snails

A group of snails is officially called a “murder.” While this might sound like a dark and ominous name for such a small and harmless creature there is actually an interesting story behind it. According to one popular legend the term “murder” comes from the 14th century French word mure meaning “wall.” This is because snails were often seen congregating in large groups on walls and other vertical surfaces.

Interestingly another theory suggests that the term “murder” might actually be derived from the Latin word for snail mustillum. This is because the Latin word for snail is very similar to the word for “mouse” which was often used to refer to small pesky creatures. Therefore it’s possible that the word “murder” was simply a corruption of the Latin word for snail.

Whatever the true origin of the term there’s no doubt that it’s an appropriate name for a group of these slimy creatures. After all when you see a large group of snails gathered together it’s hard not to think of them as a murderous mob!

What is a group of snails called?

A group of snails is called a “cluster” or “clutch.

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