What Do Green Garden Snakes Eat

Green garden snakes are carnivorous creatures that feast on a variety of small animals and insects. Their diet consists mostly of rodents lizards frogs and birds. However they will also consume eggs carrion and smaller snakes. In some instances they have even been known to eat small mammals such as shrews and moles.

Garden snakes typically hunt during the day using their keen senses of sight and smell to locate their prey. Once they have located their target they will strike quickly using their sharp teeth and venomous fangs to kill their victim. They will then swallow their prey whole allowing the victim’s body to be digested over the course of several days.

While garden snakes are not considered a threat to humans their venom can be harmful to smaller prey. If you or your pet comes into contact with a green garden snake it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

What color is a garden snake?


What do green garden snakes eat?

Small mammals birds lizards frogs and insects.

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