Is Snake Eyes From Gi Joe Blind

There is some debate over whether or not Snake Eyes from the G.I. Joe franchise is actually blind. Some fans believe that he is while others think that he may just have extremely poor vision. However there is no official answer from Hasbro or the G.I. Joe team.

Snake Eyes first appeared in the comics in 1982 and his visor was present from the very beginning. In the comics it is said that he was injured in a helicopter crash which resulted in the loss of his eyesight. However there are some inconsistencies with this story as Snake Eyes has been shown to be able to see without his visor on occasion.

In the 2009 live-action G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra movie Snake Eyes is played by Ray Park. In this version Snake Eyes does not wear a visor and it is never mentioned whether or not he is blind.

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So what is the truth? Is Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe actually blind or does he just have extremely poor vision? Unfortunately we may never know for sure.

What is the name of the character who is blind in the GI Joe comics?

Answer 1: Snake Eyes

How did Snake Eyes lose his vision?

Answer 2: He was attacked with a sword which blinded him in both eyes.

How does Snake Eyes communicate with others?

Answer 3: He uses sign language or writes on a notepad.

Does Snake Eyes have any other abilities?

Answer 4: Yes he is an expert martial artist and swordsman.

Where is Snake Eyes from?

Answer 5: His backstory has changed over time but he is typically from Ohio.

How old is Snake Eyes?

Answer 6: He is believed to be in his early 30s.

What is the name of Snake Eyes’ pet dog?

Answer 7: He has had several dogs over the years but his most recent one is named Timber.

Does Snake Eyes ever take off his mask?

Answer 8: Rarely and only in private.

What is the name of Snake Eyes’ arch-nemesis?

Answer 9: Storm Shadow

What is the name of Snake Eyes’ sword?

Answer 10: He has had several over the years but his most recent one is named Firestar.

How does Snake Eyes travel?

Answer 11: He typically uses a motorcycle or helicopter.

What are Snake Eyes’ favorite weapons?

Answer 12: In addition to his sword he also uses knives nunchaku and throwing stars.

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What is the name of the group Snake Eyes belongs to?

Answer 13: GI Joe

What is the name of Snake Eyes’ love interest?

Answer 14: Scarlett

What does the GI in GI Joe stand for?

Answer 15: Government Issue

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