Is Jackass Rated R

As of 2010 the Jackass franchise had cumulatively grossed over $335 million in ticket sales worldwide. The first film in the series was rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America for “crude and dangerous stunts performed by its stars” as well as for “strong language” and “nudity.” The rating was later amended to “NC-17” in order to avoid the stigma associated with the latter classification. The second and third films in the franchise were also rated R.

The rating has not stopped the films from being extremely popular with young audiences. In fact the Jackass franchise has been credited with popularizing the “stunt comedy” genre.

Despite the R rating the Jackass films are not without their critics. In particular some have accused the franchise of glorifying dangerous and anti-social behavior. Others have argued that the films are simply harmless fun.

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What is the rating of the movie Jackass?

The movie Jackass is rated R.

Why is the movie Jackass rated R?

The movie Jackass is rated R for graphic nudity sexual content language and crude humor.

What scene in Jackass is rated R?

One scene in Jackass is rated R for a scene where a man is seen masturbating with lotion.

Will I be able to see the R-rated scene in Jackass if I am under 17?

No you will not be able to see the R-rated scene in Jackass if you are under 17.

How much does it cost to see Jackass in theaters?

The cost of a movie ticket to see Jackass in theaters varies depending on the location.

Where can I see Jackass?

Jackass is playing in theaters nationwide.

When does Jackass come out on DVD?

Jackass will be released on DVD on December 26 2017.

Who stars in Jackass?

Johnny Knoxville Bam Margera and Steve-O star in Jackass.

What is the run time of Jackass?

The run time of Jackass is 1 hour and 32 minutes.

What is the plot of Jackass?

Jackass is a reality television series that follows the lives of those who participate in outrageous stunts and pranks.

What channel originally aired Jackass?

Jackass originally aired on MTV.

When did Jackass first air?

Jackass first aired on October 1 2000.

Who created Jackass?

Jackass was created by Johnny Knoxville Jeff Tremaine and Spike Jonze.

Is Jackass appropriate for all ages?

No Jackass is not appropriate for all ages due to its graphic content.

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What is the Motion Picture Association of America’s rating for Jackass?

The Motion Picture Association of America’s rating for Jackass is R.

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