Is A Corn Snake Poisonous

A corn snake is not poisonous but it is an excellent swimmer and can stay submerged for long periods of time. It is a constrictor meaning it kills its prey by wrapping its body around it and squeezing it until it stops breathing. Corn snakes are found in the southeastern United States Central America and South America.

Is a corn snake poisonous?

Answer: No corn snakes are not poisonous.

What kind of snake is a corn snake?

Answer: A corn snake is a type of rat snake.

Where do corn snakes come from?

Answer: Corn snakes are native to the southeastern United States.

What do corn snakes eat?

Answer: Corn snakes typically eat rodents such as rats or mice.

How big do corn snakes get?

Answer: Corn snakes can grow to be around 5 feet long.

What color are corn snakes?

Answer: Corn snakes can be a variety of colors but are typically orange or yellow with brown or black markings.

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Are corn snakes aggressive?

Answer: No corn snakes are not aggressive.

How long do corn snakes live?

Answer: Corn snakes can live for around 20 years.

Do corn snakes make good pets?

Answer: Yes corn snakes make good pets.

What do I need to do to take care of a corn snake?

Answer: You will need to provide a tank or terrarium for your corn snake as well as food and water.

You will also need to clean the tank regularly.

How often do I need to feed my corn snake?

Answer: You should feed your corn snake once or twice a week.

What kind of food do I need to buy for my corn snake?

Answer: You will need to buy frozen mice or rats for your corn snake.

Where can I buy a corn snake?

Answer: You can buy a corn snake from a pet store reptile dealer or online.

How much does a corn snake cost?

Answer: A corn snake typically costs around $40.

Do I need a permit to own a corn snake?

Answer: No you do not need a permit to own a corn snake.

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