How To Plant Snake Plant Pups

If you’re reading this chances are you already have a snake plant or are interested in getting one. They’re great plants – easy to care for interesting to look at and purify the air. But did you know that you can propagate snake plants from the pups that form at the base of the plant? It’s easy to do and a great way to get more plants!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-A sharp knife or scissors

-A pot or container for your new plant

-Snake plant pups

First take a look at your snake plant and find the pups that have formed at the base of the plant. These are the babies that you’ll be propagating! Gently loosen the soil around them with your fingers and then use a sharp knife or scissors to carefully cut them from the mother plant.

Next pot your new snake plant pups in a container of your choice. Be sure to use well-draining soil and give them a bright spot to grow. Water them lightly being sure not to overwater.

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Now it’s time to sit back and wait for your new plants to grow! With a little patience you’ll have new snake plants in no time!

How often should you water your snake plant?

Once a week.

How long does it take for a snake plant to grow?

2-3 months.

How often should you fertilize your snake plant?

Once a month.

What type of soil should you use for your snake plant?

Any well-drained soil.

How much sun does a snake plant need?

Little to no direct sunlight.

How do you propagate snake plants?

By division or by rooting leaf cuttings.

What is the best time of year to propagate snake plants?

Spring or summer.

How do you care for a snake plant?

By watering it once a week fertilizing it once a month and giving it little to no direct sunlight.

What are the benefits of having a snake plant in your home?

Snake plants are known to be very efficient at purifying the air and they are also very low-maintenance.

Where is the best place to put a snake plant in your home?

Anywhere that gets little to no direct sunlight.

How long does it take for a snake plant to mature?

1-2 years.

What is the life expectancy of a snake plant?

10-15 years.

Do snake plants need to be repotted?

Every 2-3 years.

What pests or diseases do snake plants attract?

They are generally resistant to pests and diseases but can be susceptible to mealybugs and rot.

What is the ideal temperature for a snake plant?

60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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