How To Identify A Poisonous Snake

Poisonous snakes are found in all parts of the world except Antarctica. They are usually easy to identify because they have two distinct features: fangs and venom. Fangs are long sharp teeth that snakes use to inject venom into their prey. Venom is a poisonous substance that snakes produce in their bodies.

There are two types of poisonous snakes: those that are venomous and those that are not. Venomous snakes have a pair of glands that produce venom which they use to kill their prey. These snakes are found in all continents except Antarctica. Non-venomous snakes on the other hand do not have these glands. They kill their prey by squeezing them to death.

There are three ways to identify a poisonous snake: by its appearance by its behaviour and by the symptoms it produces in humans.

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1. Appearance

Poisonous snakes usually have bright colours that serve as a warning to predators. They may be patterned or have markings that make them look dangerous. Some species of snakes such as the king cobra have hoods that they can spread when they are threatened.

2. Behaviour

Venomous snakes are often aggressive and they may strike without warning. They may also coil and shake their tails when they feel threatened. Non-venomous snakes on the other hand are usually shy and will attempt to flee when they feel threatened.

3. Symptoms in humans

If a person is bitten by a poisonous snake they may experience symptoms such as swelling pain and difficulty breathing. In some cases the bite may even be fatal.

What are the three main ways to identify a poisonous snake?

By its colour by its shape or by its habitat.

What are some general characteristics of poisonous snakes?

They are usually brightly coloured have a triangular head and are found in warm climates.

What is the best way to avoid being bitten by a poisonous snake?

By avoiding contact with them altogether.

What should you do if you are bitten by a poisonous snake?

Seek medical attention immediately.

What are the symptoms of a snake bite?

Swelling redness and pain at the site of the bite.

What are the symptoms of a venomous snake bite?

Symptoms may include nausea vomiting sweating weakness and paralysis.

How long does it take for symptoms of a venomous snake bite to appear?

Symptoms usually appear within 30 minutes to an hour.

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What is the difference between a venomous snake and a poisonous snake?

A venomous snake has fangs and produces venom while a poisonous snake does not have fangs and produces poison.

What are the most common type of venomous snakes?

The most common type of venomous snakes are vipers and pit vipers.

How many species of venomous snakes are there?

There are around 200 species of venomous snakes.

What are the two main types of venom?

Hemotoxic venom and neurotoxic venom.

What does hemotoxic venom do?

Hemotoxic venom attacks the blood cells and causes tissue damage.

What does neurotoxic venom do?

Neurotoxic venom attacks the nervous system and can cause paralysis.

How much venom can a snake inject?

A snake can inject up to 100 mg of venom in a single bite.

What is the most venomous snake in the world?

The most venomous snake in the world is the Inland Taipan.

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