How To Draw A Simple Cartoon Frog

Assuming you want a step-by-step guide on how to draw a simple cartoon frog:

1. Begin by drawing a large oval for the frog’s body.

2. Add a smaller oval on top of the first for the frog’s head.

3. Draw two large circles for the eyes. Add smaller circles inside the larger ones for the pupils.

4. Below the head draw an upside down U-shape for the frog’s mouth.

5. On either side of the head draw a curved line for the frog’s ear.

6. Draw a line down the center of the frog’s body for its belly.

7. Give the frog some legs! Draw two curved lines on either side of the body for the hind legs. For the front legs draw two lines that start at the body and come to a point at the frog’s toes.

8. To finish up draw some lines on the frog’s back for its webbed feet.

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What do you need in order to draw a simple cartoon frog?

Answer: All you need is a sheet of paper and a pencil.

What is the first step to drawing a simple cartoon frog?

Answer: The first step is to draw the frog’s head.

What do you need to do to the frog’s head in order to make it look like a cartoon frog head?

Answer: Add two large eyes a small nose and a wide mouth.

What should the frog’s eyes look like?

Answer: The frog’s eyes should be large and round.

What should the frog’s nose look like?

Answer: The frog’s nose should be small and round.

What should the frog’s mouth look like?

Answer: The frog’s mouth should be wide with a curved line going across it.

What is the next step after drawing the head?

Answer: The next step is to draw the body.

What does the body look like?

Answer: The body looks like an oval that is attached to the head.

What comes next?

Answer: The next step is to draw the legs.

There are typically four legs two on each side.

What do the legs look like?

Answer: The legs look like small ovals that are attached to the body.

What is the next step?

Answer: The final step is to add details to the cartoon frog.

This can include things like spots freckles or warts.

What do these details typically look like?

Answer: These details typically look like small dots.

Can the cartoon frog have any other features?

Answer: Yes the cartoon frog can also have webbed feet.

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What else can you do to the frog?

Answer: You can also color in the frog if you’d like.

What colors can you use?

Answer: You can use any colors you’d like.

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