How To Catch Snails Without Killing Them

If you’re looking for a more humane way to catch the little critters here are some tips. With a little bit of patience you can have a snail-free garden without harming a single one.

First you’ll need to find somewhere where they congregate. This is usually in shady damp areas near plants or under objects. Once you’ve found their hangout place a container upside down on the ground and wait for them to climb in. You can also try putting out a piece of lettuce or cabbage overnight. In the morning check to see if any snails have taken the bait and remove them.

If you’re patient you can also hand-pick the snails off of plants and into a bucket of soapy water. This method is a bit more time-consuming but it’s effective and doesn’t require any special equipment.

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Once you’ve caught the snails you can either release them into the wild far away from your garden or you can humanely kill them. To kill them place them in a bucket of very hot water (enough to cover them completely) for a few minutes. This will effectively cook them and kill them instantly.

If you don’t want to kill the snails you can place them in a sealed container with some moist soil or sand. Make sure to punch some holes in the lid for ventilation. Keep the container in a cool dark place and check on it every few days to make sure the snails have enough moisture. After a few weeks the snails will have starved to death.

So there you have it – a few different ways to catch and kill snails without using any harmful chemicals or baits. Try out a few methods and see which one works best for you.

How can you bait a snail without using food?

You can use a piece of lettuce or a cucumber.

How do you position the bait so the snail will be sure to find it?

You can put the bait on a piece of cardboard or a stone in the garden.

What is the best type of container to use to catch the snail?

A large jar or can with a lip is best.

How do you keep the snail from crawling out of the container?

You can put a heavy stone on top of the container or put Vaseline on the inside of the lip.

Where is the best place to set the trap?

In the evening place the trap near where you’ve seen the snail.

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How often should you check the trap?

Check it every day or two.

What should you do with the snail once you’ve caught it?

Take it to a different part of your yard or release it in a park or nature area.

What if you don’t want to touch the snail?

Use a stick or a piece of cardboard to transfer it to the new location.

What if you want to keep the snail as a pet?

You can buy a snail Terrarium or make one yourself.

Be sure to include plenty of hiding places a shallow dish of water and fresh vegetables for food.

How do you know if a snail is male or female?

Male snails have smaller thinner shells than female snails.

How long do snails live?

Most snails live 2-5 years but some species can live up to 10 years.

How many eggs does a snail lay in one clutch?

Most snails lay 20-100 eggs at a time but some species can lay up to 1000 eggs.

How often does a snail lay eggs?

Snails generally lay eggs once a year but some species can lay multiple times per year.

Where do snails lay their eggs?

In a protected place like under a rock or in a moist area of the soil.

How long does it take for snail eggs to hatch?

It generally takes 2-4 weeks for snail eggs to hatch.

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