how to build a goat pen

Whether you want a small dairy goat or a large herd of dairy goats, it is necessary to provide your animals with adequate shelter. Goats are active animals that require a high-quality shelter to stay healthy and happy. It is also important to provide plenty of space for exercise. Make sure your goat pen is spacious enough for them to have a variety of different activities, including climbing and jumping. In addition, you need to ensure they have easy access to food and water, and you should include space for feed, waterers, and other equipment.

To build a goat shed, first create the base by cutting 4×4 lumber into pieces of equal lengths. Use a circular saw to cut notches in the ends of each beam. Then use a chisel to clean up the recess and make sure all of the corners are square. Once you have a base, the next step is to build the walls. Next, you should cut two-by-four lumber into two-inch-thick pieces.

A sturdy tarp is another option, but it does not last as long as a wooden shelter. A good alternative to tarps is a goat pallet shelter. It is a three-sided lean-to and is much more durable. It can be left open during the summer and closed during the winter months. This is also an ideal shelter for your goats as it can be used all year-round.

You can use electrified fence wire to keep predators out. It sends a shock along the wire that deters the animals from digging underneath the fence. It can cost about $180 per roll. You can also use field stone to keep predators from digging underneath the fence line. If you plan on putting electric fences around the perimeter of your goat pen, make sure you add electrical wire. The wire is made of heavy gauge, woven material.

You can also purchase permanent fencing for your goats. You can use high-tensile wire for the perimeter fencing, but smaller predators can easily sneak under it. A better choice for perimeter fencing is woven wire. A strand of barbed or electric wire at the top keeps goats in while keeping predators out. There are other ways to keep goats safe, but the above steps are the best ones for a homestead goat.

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A goat pen is an important part of caring for your livestock. Goats are easy to house, but they can be tricky to contain. Even if they’re small and docile, goats are tough to contain. They love to look out the kitchen window. They are remarkably adept escape artists. You should plan your goat pen accordingly. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll have a safe, healthy, and happy goat herd.

Make sure your goats have access to water, hay, and a place to rest. A good source of shade is a large tree, although you can fence the surrounding area to protect the trees. Make sure your goats have fresh, clean water, and toys. The best place for these items is somewhere in your goat pen. You can also provide a water supply by using a large trough, 5 gallon bucket, or automatic waterer. Regardless of how you care for your goats, you should choose an area with plenty of shade and fresh water.

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