How To Beat An Ostrich Meme

When it comes to memes there is one that has been around for years and shows no signs of going away anytime soon: the ostrich meme. This meme typically features a picture of an ostrich with its head in the sand accompanied by a caption that makes a joke about the bird being ignorant or naïve.

While the ostrich meme might seem harmless it can actually be quite offensive to some people. After all the bird is being used as a symbol for stupidity and that’s not something that everyone finds funny. If you’re looking to beat the ostrich meme here are a few tips:

First and foremost don’t use the ostrich meme. This might seem like common sense but it’s worth repeating. The ostrich meme is offensive and it’s not worth using if you want to avoid offending people.

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If you see the ostrich meme being used don’t engage with it. This means not liking sharing or commenting on it. By interacting with the meme you’re giving it more attention and helping it to spread.

If you’re on social media you can also take steps to block or report the ostrich meme if you see it. Most social media platforms have tools that allow you to do this and it’s a good way to help keep the meme from spreading.

Talk to the people in your life about why the ostrich meme is offensive. This is especially important if you have friends or family members who use the meme. By having a conversation about it you can help them to see why the meme is hurtful and why it’s not something that should be shared.

Finally remember that you don’t have to put up with the ostrich meme. If you see it don’t engage with it and talk to the people in your life about why it’s offensive. With enough effort we can help to beat the ostrich meme once and for all.

How do you beat an ostrich in a race?

The key is to start slowly and then accelerate as the ostrich begins to tire.

How can you tell if an ostrich is about to attack?

If an ostrich lowers its head and charges it is about to attack.

What is the best way to avoid being attacked by an ostrich?

The best way to avoid being attacked by an ostrich is to keep your distance and avoid making any sudden movements.

What should you do if you are attacked by an ostrich?

Try to protect your head and face and call for help.

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What is the average weight of an ostrich?

Between 70 and 135 pounds.

What is the average height of an ostrich?

Around 7 to 9 feet.

What is the top speed of an ostrich?

Up to 43 mph.

How far can an ostrich run in a single day?

Up to 50 miles.

How long can an ostrich live?

Up to 40 years.

What do ostriches eat?

Ostriches are omnivores and will eat both plants and animals.

What is the biggest threat to ostriches?

Habitat loss is the biggest threat to ostriches.

What kind of habitat do ostriches live in?

Ostriches live in open grasslands and savannas.

How many eggs does an ostrich lay at once?

An ostrich can lay up to 20 eggs at a time.

How long does it take for an ostrich egg to hatch?

Approximately 42 days.

How are ostriches used by humans?

Ostriches are used for their feathers meat and eggs.

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