How Poisonous Is A Coral Snake

Coral snakes are beautiful but deadly snakes found in the Americas. They get their name from their brightly colored scales which can be red yellow white or black. Coral snakes are venomous and their bite can be fatal.

Coral snakes belong to the family Elapidae which includes some of the most venomous snakes in the world such as the cobras mambas and sea snakes. Coral snakes are relatively small snakes usually measuring less than 1 meter (3 feet) in length.

The venom of a coral snake is a neuro toxin which means it attacks the nervous system. Symptoms of a coral snake bite may include paralysis difficulty breathing and seizures. There is no antivenom for coral snake bites so treatment focuses on supportive care.

Coral snakes are found in the southeastern United States as well as in parts of Central and South America. They are typically found in wooded or swampy areas. Coral snakes are shy snakes and are not aggressive.

If you see a coral snake it is important to leave it alone. These snakes are not to be handled as their bites can be fatal.

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What is the average lifespan of a coral snake?

Around 20 years.

What is the size of a coral snake when they are born?

Around 10 inches.

Are coral snakes born venomous?

Yes they are born with venom that is just as potent as an adult’s.

How often do coral snakes shed their skin?

Around 4 to 5 times a year.

What is the size of an adult coral snake?

Around 3 to 4 feet.

What do coral snakes eat?

Small mammals lizards frogs and other snakes.

How does a coral snake kill its prey?

By injecting venom into them through their fangs.

Where do coral snakes live?

North Central and South America.

What kind of climate do coral snakes prefer?

Warm and humid.

What is the coloration of a coral snake?

They have bands of black yellow and red.

Why are coral snakes often confused with other snakes?

Because they can look similar to other snakes that are not venomous.

What are the consequences of being bitten by a coral snake?

Nausea vomiting blurred vision and paralysis.

What is the treatment for a coral snake bite?


How many species of coral snakes are there?


What is the most common species of coral snake in the United States?

The eastern coral snake.

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