How Do You Know If Rats Are Gone

If you see a rat in your home it’s likely that there are more. Rats are social creatures and live in colonies. If you see one rat there are probably several more hiding nearby. But how can you tell if they’re gone for good?

Here are some signs that the rats have left the building:

1. You stop seeing droppings.

Rats are prolific poopers. If you’re seeing rat droppings around your home it’s a good indication that there are rats present. Once the rats are gone you should see a significant decrease in the amount of droppings.

2. You stop hearing scratching noises.

Rats are nocturnal creatures so you’re most likely to hear them scratching around at night. If you suddenly stop hearing those telltale scratching noises it’s a good sign that the rats have left.

3. You stop seeing rat tracks.

Rats leave tracks in the dust and dirt. If you’re no longer seeing tracks it’s another indication that the rats have gone.

4. The population of rats decreases.

If you’re actively Trap-Neuter-Returning (TNR) rats you’ll likely see a decrease in the population over time. This is a good sign that the rats are leaving your property.

If you’re seeing these signs it’s likely that the rats have left your property for good. However it’s always a good idea to continue to monitor the situation to make sure they don’t come back.

How do you know if rats are gone?

Answer: You can know if rats are gone if you don’t see any evidence of them such as droppings gnaw marks or tracks.

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You can also set up traps and check them regularly to see if you catch any rats.

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