How Do Rats React To Dead Rats

Rats are intelligent creatures that are able to recognise other rats even if they are dead. They have been known to react to dead rats in a variety of ways depending on the situation.

If a rat smells a dead rat it will usually avoid the area. This is because the scent of a dead rat can indicate that there is danger in the area.

However if a rat sees a dead rat it may be curious and approach the body. It is thought that rats use dead rats as a way of gathering information about their environment. For example a rat may sniff a dead rat to see what it has been eating.

If a rat is killed by another rat the body of the deceased rat will usually be removed from the area by the killer. This is thought to be done as a way of preventing the spread of disease.

What do rats typically do when they encounter a dead rat?

Answer 1: Avoid it.

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