How Big Does A Ringneck Snake Get

A ringneck snake is a small to medium-sized snake that can grow to be between 2 and 4 feet long. The average adult ringneck snake is about 3 feet long. The record length for a ringneck snake is 4 feet 3 inches.

Ringneck snakes are slim snakes with smooth scales. They get their name from the ring of darker color around their necks. The color of a ringneck snake can be variable but they are typically some shade of tan brown or gray with a brighter belly. The ring around the neck can be faint or well-defined. Some ringneck snakes have a stripe running down the center of their backs.

Ringneck snakes are found in the eastern United States and Canada. They typically inhabit woods fields and gardens. These snakes are not venomous and are not considered to be a threat to humans.

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Ringneck snakes are good swimmers and climbers. They are active during the day and night and are often seen basking in the sun on rocks and logs. These snakes eat a variety of small prey including lizards frogs mice and insects.

Ringneck snakes mate in the spring. The female snake will lay a clutch of 4-12 eggs in the summer. The eggs hatch in August or September. Baby snakes are about 8 inches long at birth. Ringneck snakes reach maturity at 2-3 years of age.

Ringneck snakes can live for up to 20 years in captivity. In the wild their lifespan is probably much shorter.


how big do ringneck snakes get?

They can grow up to 30 inches in length.

What is the maximum size a ringneck snake can grow to?

30 inches.

How long do ringneck snakes typically grow?

They can grow up to 30 inches in length.

Do all ringneck snakes grow to be the same size?

No they can vary in size.

What is the minimum size a ringneck snake can be?

They can be as small as 8 inches.

How small can ringneck snakes get?

As small as 8 inches.

Are there any other snakes that are the same size as ringneck snakes?

Yes there are other snakes that can reach the same length.

What is the average length of a ringneck snake?

18-20 inches.

What is the most common length for a ringneck snake?

18-20 inches.

Do ringneck snakes typically get bigger or smaller as they age?

They generally stay the same size throughout their life.

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How long do ringneck snakes live?

They typically live for 8-10 years.

What is the natural habitat of a ringneck snake?

They can be found in woods fields and gardens.

Are ringneck snakes venomous?

No they are not venomous.

What do ringneck snakes eat?

They typically eat lizards amphibians and small rodents.

What is the predators of a ringneck snake?

Some of their predators include skunks weasels and hawks.

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