Why Do Horses like Sugar Cubes

If you have ever wondered why horses like sugar cubes, you’re not alone. Several people treat their horses like pets and spend many hours taking care of them. Many owners even give their horses sugar cubes for rewards. Sugar cubes are a delicious treat for horses and many of them will happily eat several a … Read more

How Long Does Equioxx Stay in a Horses System

If you’re thinking about giving Equioxx to your horse, you’ve probably been wondering how long it stays in a horse’s system. The drug is an oral paste that is typically given for 14 days. The FDA has approved the drug for long-term use in dogs with osteoarthritis. Equioxx is approved for use in horses as … Read more

Why Do Horses Yawn

There are many theories on why horses yawn, but one thing is clear: the animal is communicating with its body language. Horses yawn when they feel stressed or after exertion. It’s a way of releasing tension and calming down. However, it’s unlikely to happen during a horse’s most stressful moments. If you’re interested in learning … Read more

What Do Horses Wear on Their Face

If you have ever wondered what horses wear on their faces, you’re not alone. It can be quite puzzling, but these animals are protected from the sun and other elements by wearing a mask. Horse masks are generally made of fine mesh and are usually black or white, but colored and printed versions are becoming … Read more

Why Do Women Love Horses

The answer to the question, “Why do women love horses?” starts in our internal world. While women may be under-represented in the workforce, their equine counterparts are an enduringly powerful representation of femininity. Horses, after all, are known for their devotion and loyalty, two qualities women tend to value in their relationships. If you’re a … Read more

Why Do Horses Kick Trees

You may have wondered why horses kick trees. You may have even seen a YouTube video of a Grulla Quarter horse called Sven farting and kicking a tree. In this video, Sven has gone on the rampage and farted and kicked trees all over the place. Why did he do this? Is there a biological … Read more

What Are Heaves in Horses

Horses with heaves can still be ridden and worked but may not be able to perform heavy work during certain times of the year or in areas with a high pollen count. Those with heaves may need to take environmental measures to keep their respiratory system in tip-top shape or take certain medications to manage … Read more

Why Do Jumping Horses Wear Ear Covers

Show jumping horses wear ear covers for several reasons, including protection against abrasive surfaces and noises. Ear covers can keep flies and other insects from distracting the horse while competing. Additionally, they can help the horse focus on the commands given by the rider. While most dressage organizations allow riders to wear ear bonnets, riders … Read more

Why Do Horses Twitch

If you’ve ever wondered “why do horses twitch?” you’re not alone. The phenomenon is common, and varies greatly among horses. It can be due to a number of factors, including electrolyte imbalance, local nerve damage, and neurologic and muscular diseases. However, the most important reason behind horses’ twitches remains largely unknown. Despite the confusion surrounding … Read more

How to Keep Horses Warm in Winter

When it comes to how to keep horses warm in winter, you may be wondering what you should do. Horses have natural winter coats that are able to regulate their own temperature better than a man-made one. In those conditions, your horse can do without a blanket. If it is cold and rainy, you can … Read more