Why Can T Horses Throw Up

Why don’t horses throw up? This is a question that plagues many horse owners. While the answer may vary, there are a few common causes that are associated with this phenomenon. Horses may have a vice that causes them to burp, which is an act of re-passing air back up the esophagus, but it’s important … Read more

How Many Babies Do Horses Have

If you are planning to breed your horse, you must know how many babies a mare can have. Mares are known to give birth to a minimum of two foals. But some breeds may have twins. The fetus of one twin may not survive. In such a case, the mare may abort it and produce … Read more

What Do You Call a Herd of Horses

What do you call a herd of horses? Horses are often kept together in large groups. Some breeds are strictly for breeding. Another type of herd is a string of horses. A polo player will usually have a string of ponies. Other groups of horses may be carriage horses, military horses, or polo ponies. All … Read more

How Far Can Horses Rotate Their Ears

Do you ever wonder how far can horses rotate their ears? Horses have large, cupped ears that rotate independently, like a radar dish, to focus sound waves. While humans must turn their heads to focus on a sound source, horses can independently rotate their ears 180 degrees. They also have muscles that enable them to … Read more