Don’T Kill Black Snakes

There’s an old saying in many parts of the world: “Don’t kill black snakes.” Why? Because they’re often considered to be helpful even beneficial creatures.

In some cultures black snakes are believed to be guardian spirits. In others they’re thought to be symbols of good luck. In many traditional belief systems they’re revered as powerful symbols of transformation and healing.

So what’s the basis for all this belief and superstition?

One reason may be that black snakes are often helpful in controlling populations of rodents and other pests. They’re also known to eat venomous snakes which helps to protect humans and other animals from being bitten.

Another reason may be that black snakes are often seen as being shy and non-aggressive. They’re not known to attack humans or other animals unless they’re provoked.

So next time you see a black snake think twice before you kill it. It may be doing more good than you realize.

What is the appropriate course of action if you encounter a black snake?

The best course of action is to leave the snake alone and give it a wide berth.

Black snakes are generally shy and not aggressive so there is no need to kill them.

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