Does Mothballs Keep Rats Away

Mothballs are a common way to keep pests away but does it really work on rats? The answer is maybe. Mothballs are designed to protect clothes and other materials from moths not rodents. However the strong smell of mothballs may deter rats from entering an area. If you have a rat problem you’re better off trying other methods of rat control.

According to the National Pest Management Association mothballs are only effective when used in small enclosed spaces such as storage chests or closets. When used in large spaces mothballs don’t provide enough of a scent barrier to keep rats away. And since mothballs are poisonous you don’t want to use them where children or pets could come into contact with them.

If you decide to use mothballs to deter rats be sure to follow the directions on the package. Never put mothballs in food containers or where people could breath them in. Doing so could make you and your family sick.

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Will mothballs keep rats away?

Yes mothballs are an effective repellent for rats.

How long do I need to keep mothballs around?

For best results use mothballs for at least 3 weeks.

Can I put mothballs in my attic?

Yes you can put mothballs in your attic.

Can I put mothballs in my walls?

No you should not put mothballs in your walls.

Where should I put mothballs?

Mothballs can be placed anywhere rats are likely to enter your home.

Do mothballs smell bad?

Yes mothballs have a strong smell that can be unpleasant to people.

Are mothballs toxic to humans?

Mothballs are only toxic if ingested.

If you are using mothballs be sure to keep them out of reach of children and pets.

Are mothballs flammable?

Yes mothballs are flammable so be sure to store them away from any heat sources.

How long do mothballs last?

Mothballs last for a long time but their effectiveness will diminish over time.

What do I do with mothballs when I’m done using them?

Once you’re finished using mothballs you should dispose of them properly.

Do not just throw them away as they can still be harmful to the environment.

Will mothballs keep other animals away?

Mothballs may also work to repel other animals such as snakes skunks and opossums.

What is the active ingredient in mothballs?

The active ingredient in mothballs is naphthalene.

What is naphthalene?

Naphthalene is a white crystalline substance that is found in coal tar.

How does naphthalene work as a repellent?

Naphthalene works by emitting a strong smell that rats find offensive.

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Are there any other ways to keep rats away?

Yes there are other ways to keep rats away.

You can try using rat traps rat poison or ultrasonic devices.

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