Do Snakes Leave Their Eggs

When it comes time to lay their eggs snakes will usually leave their usual habitat in search of a more protected area. This could be a hidden spot in your garden or even inside your home. While snakes are typically shy creatures they will become bolder when it comes to protecting their eggs. Once the eggs have been laid the mother snake will coil around them to keep them warm and will often stay there for the entire incubation period.

While most snakes will abandon their eggs once they have been laid some species will stay to protect them. The majority of these species are vipers which are found in warm climates. The female vipers will often stay with their eggs until they are close to hatching. When it is time for the babies to hatch the mother will help them by breaking open the eggs with her teeth.

Some species of snake such as the king cobra will actually build a nest for their eggs. The king cobra will coil around the eggs and then use her body to create a roof over them. She will then stay with the eggs until they hatch.

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It is interesting to note that in some species of snake the male will stay with the eggs rather than the female. This is most often seen in the garter snake. The male will actually build a nest for the female to lay her eggs in and then he will stay to protect them.

How often do snakes lay eggs?

Snakes lay eggs anywhere from 2-40 at a time and can lay them anywhere from 1-12 times a year.

At what age do snakes start laying eggs?

Some snakes start laying eggs when they are 2 years old while others don’t start until they are much older.

Do all snakes lay eggs?

No some snakes give birth to live young.

How do snakes lay their eggs?

The mother snake will find a secluded place often underground and will deposit her eggs there.

Who incubates the eggs?

The mother snake will often coil around the eggs to keep them warm until they hatch.

How long does it take for snake eggs to hatch?

It usually takes about 2 months for snake eggs to hatch.

How many eggs hatch at a time?

All of the eggs in a clutch will usually hatch at the same time.

What do baby snakes eat?

Baby snakes will often eat small insects or other invertebrates.

How big are baby snakes when they are born?

Baby snakes are often about 10 inches long when they are born.

Do snakes lay eggs every year?

No some snakes only lay eggs every other year.

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How does the mother snake know when her eggs are about to hatch?

The mother snake can feel the eggs move as the baby snakes inside them start to hatch.

What does the mother snake do when her eggs hatch?

The mother snake will often coil around the baby snakes to protect them from predators.

How long do baby snakes stay with their mother?

Baby snakes will often stay with their mother for a few weeks until they are ready to fend for themselves.

How do baby snakes learn to hunt?

Baby snakes often learn to hunt by watching their mother kill and eat prey.

What happens to the mother snake when her eggs hatch?

The mother snake will often leave the area after her eggs hatch.

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