Do Geese Kill Snakes

According to some people geese kill snakes. They say that geese will chase and attack snakes even if the snakes are much larger than the geese. There are even reports of geese killing poisonous snakes such as rattlesnakes.

There are a few reasons why geese might kill snakes. One reason is that geese are territorial and they see snakes as a threat to their territory. Another reason is that snakes are predators and they might see geese as potential prey. Geese might also kill snakes out of self-defense.

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that geese kill snakes. However there are a few anecdotal reports of geese attacking and killing snakes. If you have a goose and you’re worried about it killing a snake you can keep the goose away from areas where snakes are known to live.

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Do geese kill snakes?

Yes geese are known to kill snakes.

How do geese kill snakes?

Geese typically kill snakes by biting their head and crushing their skull.

Do all geese kill snakes?

No not all geese kill snakes.

Some geese have been known to coexist with snakes.

Why do some geese kill snakes?

Geese typically kill snakes out of self-defense or to protect their young.

What kind of snakes do geese typically kill?

Geese have been known to kill both venomous and non-venomous snakes.

Do geese eat the snakes they kill?

No geese do not typically eat the snakes they kill.

Where do geese typically kill snakes?

Geese typically kill snakes in their natural habitat.

Do geese kill snakes for sport?

No geese do not kill snakes for sport.

How many snakes can a goose kill in one day?

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on the size of the snake and the strength of the goose.

What is the biggest snake a goose has been known to kill?

The biggest snake a goose has been known to kill is the king cobra.

Do all snakes pose a threat to geese?

No not all snakes pose a threat to geese.

Some snakes are actually afraid of geese.

What happens to a snake after it is killed by a goose?

After a snake is killed by a goose its body is typically left to decompose.

What is the natural predator of a snake?

The natural predators of a snake include other snakes birds of prey and mammals.

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What happens to a snake if it is not killed by a predator?

If a snake is not killed by a predator it will typically die of old age.

How long do snakes typically live?

Snakes typically live for 10-12 years.

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