Do Black Snakes Eat Frogs

Black snakes are known to eat a wide variety of prey including frogs. In fact frogs may even make up a significant portion of their diet in some areas.

There are several reasons why black snakes may be attracted to frogs. For one frogs are a relatively easy prey item to catch. They are often found near water sources where black snakes like to hunt. Additionally frogs are a good source of protein and other nutrients that snakes need to survive.

Frogs are not the only type of prey that black snakes eat but they may be an important part of their diet in some areas. If you have black snakes in your area it’s a good idea to be aware of their potential presence near ponds and other water sources where frogs may be found.

What is the diet of a black snake?

Answer: Black snakes eat small mammals such as rodents and shrews lizards frogs and birds.

Occasionally they will also eat other snakes.

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