Do Assassin Snails Eat Algae

There are many types of algae eaters but one of the most popular and efficient is the assassin snail. Assassin snails are proficient at eating all types of algae including the tough to remove black beard algae. They are also one of the few snail species that will not consume plants. Not only are they helpful in getting rid of unsightly algae but they are also fun to watch as they zip around the aquarium on their single foot.

In addition to eating algae assassin snails will also consume dead fish fish eggs and uneaten fish food. This makes them a beneficial addition to any aquarium as they help to keep the water clean and free of decaying matter. They are not known to reproduce in freshwater aquariums so you won’t have to worry about them taking over your tank.

If you are looking for a snail to help clean up your algae problem the assassin snail is a great choice.

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What do assassin snails eat?


Do assassin snails eat other snails?

No they only eat algae

Where do assassin snails come from?

They are native to freshwaters in Southeast Asia

How do assassin snails kill other snails?

They insert a toxigon into the snail which paralyses it.

What does the toxigon do to the snail?

It paralyses the snail

How long does it take for the toxigon to kill the snail?

it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days

Do assassin snails need to be fed algae?

No they will get all the algae they need from the tank

What is the lifespan of an assassin snail?

They can live up to 5 years

What do assassin snails do with the snail once it is dead?

They eat it

How big do assassin snails get?

They can grow up to 2 inches

What is the best way to control assassin snails?

The best way to control assassin snails is to remove them from the tank once they have killed all the other snails.

What happens if there are no other snails in the tank?

The assassin snails will starve to death

Are assassin snails harmful to fish?

No they are not harmful to fish

What is the best way to introduce assassin snails into a tank?

The best way to introduce assassin snails into a tank is to slowly add them over a period of time.

How many assassin snails should be added to a tank?

It is recommended to add 1-2 assassin snails per 10 gallons of water.

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